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The True Story of the First Terrorist Cell in America: A book discussion lead by Gary Beaver


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The True Story of the First Terrorist Cell in America: A book discussion lead by Gary Beaver

Dark Invasion by Howard Blum. A Book Discussion. 

A century ago Europe was inflamed by World War I while the ostensibly neutral United States sold, and profited, by providing huge quantities of war material to Britain, France, and Russia.

In a little known aspect of American history, the German secret service – the Abteilung IIIB ran extensive operations to combat this activity. This is an amazing true story of bombings, assassinations, germ warfare and espionage where the German government ran an undeclared war against the United States. What happened is a classic tale of where truth is stranger than fiction.

Numerous ships were sunk or damaged by time bombs and incendiaries. Explosions were also set off in U.S. factories, the U.S. Congress, canals and bridges. An anthrax laboratory operated in Bethesda, Maryland to poison horses and mules and humans. The financier, J. P. Morgan was shot and seriously wounded in an assassination attempt. Numerous Americans did die in these operations.

In the days before the existence of the FBI, CIA and a U.S. Secret Service not equipped to deal in counter-espionage it fell to detectives of the New York City Police Department to uncover and defeat this German terrorist ring. Assisted by agents of British and French intelligence, the largely Irish-American NYPD detectives cracked the spy ring to protect America in the days running up to our eventual entry into the war.

Join us in a discussion of this aspect of American history moderated by Gary Beaver.

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